Deluxe PGG-200 Mini Elec. Guitar w/Built-In Amp (Crossroads Red Flamed Maple)

$ 391.50 $ 522.50

Deluxe version of our Pignose PGG-200 Mini Electric Guitar.

Crossroads Red Flamed Maple with silver hardware.

The PGG-200 Deluxe puts all the funk, grit, and power of a Pignose amplifier right inside a very playable, kickin' little guitar.

All you do is pull the famous Pignose knob, crank it up, and the Pignose sound you've known for years comes straight out of the guitar and into your face!

The PGG-200 Deluxe features a 24 1/4" scale, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, bolt-on maple neck, fixed bridge, and 1/4" headphone jack (which also allows the guitar to be plugged into a regular amp).

The PGG-200 Deluxe also features a single coil pickup, built-in amp, and metal Pignose volume control (push-pull on/off switch).

The PGG-200 Deluxe's feisty 1 watt on-board amplifier is powered by a 9-volt battery.

The PGG-200 Deluxe is truly the perfect guitar for every application...on stage, back stage, recording sessions, on the road, in your room, on your lunch break, or in-between classes.

Whenever and wherever the urge to rock out hits, the Pignose PGG-200 Deluxe guitar is there!

Nothing to plug in (unless you just want to). Just turn it on and go!

Ref No: PGG-200RFM




Neck Maple, 24-14" scale, bolt-on, 22 Frets, w/truss rod adjustment
Finish Natural matte
Finish options Crossroads Red Flamed Maple
Fretboard Ebony with mother of pearl inlay markers
Bridge Standard fixed bridge with six adjustable saddles
Pickup Pignose humbucker
Controls Silver Pignose master volume control with push/pull power switch
Jacks 1/4" guitar jack; headphone jack
Pickguard Tortoise with metal speaker grill


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