Questions & Answers About Pignose and Our Products

What's the Pignose company all about?
Pignose is all about making music fun. Over 50 years ago, we gave electric guitarists portability and reliability at an affordable price. We're continuing that tradition today by making great products which sell at the lowest possible prices.

What kinds of products does Pignose make?
Pignose makes portable amplifiers and backstage amps. Be sure to check out our guitars with built-in amps. Don't forget, we also carry a full line of accessories for Pignose products.

How does Pignose keep the quality of its products so high, yet its prices so low?
We design and engineer in the U.S.A. but manufacture overseas. Lower manufacturing costs help to keep costs low, so that our products are affordable to all musicians.

How long has Pignose been making amplifiers?
For over 50 years - since 1972 to be exact. The first Pignose amp debuted at the 1973 Summer NAMM show. We've been going strong ever since.

Why should I buy a Pignose product?
Because you'll get terrific sound and features for a low price. Our products are backed by a full 6-month warranty too.

What reviews can I read about the 7100 Pignose?

there are 174 reviews at Amazon from verified purchasers of the 7100. link here to see


What kind of stuff can I do with a Pignose portable amp?
You can take it to the beach, mountains, or park. You can put it on your tailgate, in your van or SUV and start jamming whenever the mood strikes. You can blow some mean mic'd blues harp through it, too! You can easily move it from room to room without a backache. In short, you can go anywhere and have fun wherever you go. You're only limited by your imagination.